Value of DOAS from the view of the owners and managers
Stable and reliable operations – continuous business operations
Flexible adaptation to the company size – key for growing
Complete customization possibilities – DOAS adopts to he companies business processes
Quick and complex queries – instant information about the company
Controlled process – Cost Effective Business Solutions
Strict Access Control – Keep your sensitive data secure

Value of DOAS from the view of the finance
Document based transactions – it is recorded who, when and with what paramter the document or invoice issued
Tight integrated financial module – no conversation module, up to date booking
Proven solution in many countries – localized versions
Report generator – Customizable management riports

Value of DOAS from the view of New and used vehicle management
Loading of excel based or database price lists
Handling of any type of financing (cash, credit, permanent rental)
Used vehicle trade in
Professional vehicle sales transaction balance
Making of an offer for stored vehicles or optional configuration
Integration of vehicle orders and manufacturing information

Value of DOAS from the view of workshop management
Service worker schedule – easy-to-use screen
All important data can be recorded on the repair order
Sophisticated discount system
Customer satisfaction measurement
DOAS system handles all important data in connection with insurances and guarantee

Value of DOAS from the view of stock management
Handling of super-session
Loading and handling of several brands and several price lists at the same time
Stock query and transfer from other site
Support of bar code handling
Reception of an incoming electronic invoice
Wholesale and web based trade

Value added service for the support of DOAS

According to the philosophy of Rubin Inc. a software can be properly operated if the developing company provides the relevant service for the customer, thus in the following section we present the service connecting to DOAS.

HOT- LINE service

In order to ensure a continuous usage of the system RUBIN provides a HOT-LINE service.

Installation of new versions

Rubin continuously provides DOAS-II with new functions.

F11 – Trouble shoot system

DOAS-II users can send requirements and report faults by simply pressing one button (F11).


  • Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, Suzuki, Volvo, KIA, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Fiat, Hyundai, IVECO, Hummer dealers.
  • Ford Central and Eastern Europe Kft. and 40 other domestic dealers and service in Hungary, as well as 7 dealers in the Czech republic, 1 in Slovakia and 1 in Romania
  • Slovak Ford Importer: Summit Motors Slovakia, spol s r.o. and 11 Slovak dealers using DOAS Remote Client for parts ordering
  • We have a contract with a Slovene importer : Summit Motors Ljubljana d.o.o.
  • Hired by Ford Central and Eastern Europe Kft. we ssupply and install CDS applications for importers in Armenia, Malta, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Cyprus
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